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minimalist workspaces

The idea was to creating a website to let the people find a cool and minimalistic workspace, but it took a time that I get there. So I’m all the happier to announce that you’re now be able to find your perfect minimalist workspace.




The problem

So what's the problem? The problem is/ was ;) that I couldn’t find any dope sites, where I’m be able to searching for inspirational workspaces. But if you found after a decade a workspace at a terrible looking website you couldn’t find any of the pieces from the workspace, beause they weren’t linked at the site.

simple and clean

The solution Approach

My solution was to build a clean looking site, which has every features you ever wanted, but what are the features? First I done a lot of research about clean-looking and minimalist workspace setups. Now I’ve build a clean plattform where I can implement these workspaces, and link all the different products. (Or something whats cheaper and looking almost identical.) Here’s the point how the site will finance by it self: The links are affiliate links that means everytime someone buys a product for his workspace, the site gets a little percentage of the money to stand online. (No worries you’re not paying on top.)


The color were a hard topic, I wanted to have minimalistic colors, but stand out, so I decided to use the simple black and white look, with a dark turquoise. In my opinion the color are playing on this way the best together with the minimalism workspaces pictures and the whole website.





Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is for me one of the simplest and cleanest fonts, so I use it as my normal font for this project. I can really recommend the font, because you can use it for nearly every project.


The result was just awesome, I created in a short period of time a platform for everyone, who searches for a minimalist workspace. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people will use it to search for some inspiration.

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